Lifelong learning
Why Lifelong Learning is important and can help fulfil your potential Why Lifelong Learning is important and can help fulfil your potentialLifelong learning is about developing your full potential, skill development and growth via self-actualization, which is the highest need described by Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Traditional education has a beginning and an end that culminates in taking examinations, and by comparison, feels like a reductive conclusion to a process that should, in fact, be an evolving journey. Why Lifelong learning is important? Because it means signing up to an endless possibility of discovery, skills and rewards, both professionally and personally.  
How to be a Lifelong Learner
Lifelong learning is a type of self-directed education centered on personal growth. While there is no conventional definition of lifelong learning, it is commonly understood to relate to learning outside a traditional educational institution, such as a school, university, or corporate training. However, lifelong learning does not have to be limited to informal learning. It is best defined as voluntary and aimed towards reaching personal contentment.
Developing an attitude of continuous learning is one of the best ways to prosper in today's changing world. There is so much technology available for helping the process of studying throughout one's life. As such, you may pursue your interest in culinary arts, hone your service management skills, and even create a mobile app utilizing internet resources.
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