Rules of Education
Islamic Republic of Iran
Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education
Higher Council of Medical Sciences Planning
Non-Iranian (International) Students Educational
Approved In The 80th Session of Higher Council of Medical Sciences Planning on Aug 1, 2021
    Non-Iranian (International) Students Educational By-Law was approved in the 80th Session of Higher Council of Medical Sciences Planning on Aug 1, 2021 for international students who were admitted in the Academic Year 2021-2022 in medical universities and faculties inside of Iran and shall be binding and all previous by-laws and regulations were null and void. Educational council of u…
     In the way of executing general policies of Higher Council of Cultural Revolution in relation to admission of international students and evolution in medical sciences education for internationalization of medical sciences, its been more than one decade that medical sciences universities have been admitting international students and each university according to its conditions has enacted specific rules and regulations for admission of international students and in most cases, it is referred to this by-law; nevertheless, diversity of international students by-law is not enough to meet requirements and conditions of international students and on the other hand, using integrated, similar and comprehensive educational by-law in addition to improving educational status and validity of Iranian universities at international level, has led to optimum application of available potentials for improving qualitative level of education and research for non-Iranian (international) students at different educational programs (Associate Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Specialty PhD Degree) of general medicine, pharmacy  Pharm.D. and dentistry.
The purpose of preparing this by-law is regulating educational affairs of non-Iranian students who are studying medicine in Iran so that through required legal framework, to enact and execute arranged and integrated educational program among all medical universities of Iran. This by-law consists of educational rules and regulations governing over admission, education, graduation or quit studying of non-Iranian students in all educational programs with the goal of making arrangement among educational activities of medical sciences of Iran with approach of facilitating and accelerating educational courses of non-Iranian students (with respect to this fact that presence of foreign student in Iran has expensive costs for our government) and improving quality of education
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